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Born in Sydney, Australia Monica Joseph grew up in country towns in Western New South Wales. She moved back to Sydney with her family to complete high school and university studies.

She met her husband Simon and amongst other things they shared a love of travel. In particular they preferred travel to third world countries, which offered less comfort and more challenge. They spent a year in the mid 70s backpacking from Mexico to the bottom of Chile and later lived and worked in London for six months. Return to Australia involved a juggle to manage career paths and raise three children on five acres in beautiful rural northern New South Wales. Travel slotted in whenever the opportunity occurred. They took their children to New Zealand for a skiing trip and earlier than that they took them around Australia namely through outback Australia and Tasmania. In the late 80s they spent four months travelling independently through China, Soviet Union, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Israel. Monica was half way through a pregnancy and accompanied by Simon and their three-year-old daughter. They carried backpacks and travelled by public transport even catching steam trains that were still being built in China at that time. They got back to Australia some weeks before the birth of their next child.

After raising three children Monica and her husband Simon managed to lure two of their children on a trip to Cuba via Mexico for five weeks. Upon their return it was difficult to settle back into a quiet life of routine and work. Cuba was a magic experience. This trip was more that refreshed the travel taste buds and led to the recent motorcycle trip from Tokyo to Cape Town via Russia, Central Asia via the ancient Silk Road trade routes and Europe. Monica has travelled to more than 50 countries with most of these countries being third world. Far-flung and remote places such as Patagonia, Timbuktu, Samarkand, and the Mongolian steppes to name a few are the destinations she prefers and hold special appeal. She also enjoys iconic sights such as Mt. Fuji, Table Mountain, sizzling volcanoes like Mt. Aso, expanding glacier Perito Moreno, Lake Baikal and Victoria Falls.

Back at home she is spends her spare time reading books, gardening, cooking and nowadays occasional motorcycling. Of course she is plotting more travel.